Expecting Parents

expecting parent

Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby! At Kids Kare Pediatrics we understand this is an exciting and eventful time and our objective is to be there to answer any questions you may have. Our providers are glad to offer Meet and Greet meetings. These meetings provide the opportunity for new and expecting parents to meet our pediatrician, see our office and learn about our practice. If you would like to set up a Meet and Greet meeting, please call our office.

For parents delivering at Midland Memorial Hospital:

You have the option of choosing our pediatrician to care for your newborn after birth, and in the case of baby boys, to perform a circumcision if that is your wish. You also have the option to use the MMH hospitalist care for your newborn until discharge. If you choose our Pediatrician to be your baby’s doctor, simply let the nursery personnel know the physician’s name when you are asked at the time of your admission to the hospital. This will ensure that the nursery staff will contact us when your baby is born, and inform us of your baby’s status. Our Pediatrician will visit your newborn, and talk with you to answer your questions every day you are there. Should the need arise, MMH has fulltime neonatologists who are available for consultation, and a Special Care Nursery for the care of newborns who are premature, ill, or need to be more closely monitored.

If you choose our pediatrician to be your baby’s doctor, we request that you fill out the form below, and pay a deposit of $300 to cover doctor’s hospital visits until the baby is added to insurance. Once patient’s insurance is active and if it covers the doctor’s hospital bills you will be reimbursed that amount or it can remain as a credit. That deposit is not required if you choose to have the hospitalist take care of baby at the hospital.

Please also be aware that if baby is born on a weekend or if Dr Hulali is out of Midland on that day, the baby will be cared for by the on call hospitalist. On call physicians also will attend c-sections deliveries.

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For parents delivering at hospitals other than MMH

For parents delivering at hospitals other than MMH, or if the baby was cared for by MMH hospitalists, please call our office to set up the first visit as soon as your baby is discharged. To provide the best care please bring medical records with you. This includes hearing screen results, vaccine record that includes hepatitis B vaccine , and any records of treatments done on baby at the hospital.

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