Annual Administrative Fee

At Kids Kare Pediatrics, we are committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients and their families.

In order to ensure the continuity of care, effective health monitoring, and improved screening, we have chosen to concentrate our efforts on a select number of families. This approach allows us to provide a more personalized and dedicated level of attention. By concentrating on a smaller group, we can maintain a deeper understanding of your family's medical history, evolving needs, and unique preferences, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes. Our dedication to this limited group also enables us to offer additional value-added services that go beyond what typical insurance covers.

We sincerely hope that you've observed the diverse range of benefits we strive to offer. These benefits include, but are not limited to, conveniences such as same-day sick appointments, shorter waiting times, online scheduling, the option for virtual visits, and consultations available outside regular hours. Our friendly and responsive team remains fully committed to meeting your needs and ensuring a consistently outstanding experience.

It's crucial to emphasize that this fee is not motivated by financial gain. Unlike many other medical practices, we have always refrained from excessive billing for our services and unnecessary tests or procedures. We are mindful of the financial impact on families, whether they are covered by insurance or choose to pay directly. Furthermore, this fee covers all routine services that are usually billed separately, including prescription refills (even for controlled medications), administrative letters, form completions, and prior authorizations. The primary purpose of this fee is to manage our patient population, allowing us to prioritize quality over quantity. In many cases, families may actually save money in the long term.

The only charges not included in the annual fee pertain to weekend clinic visits, no-show penalties, and the issuance of new prescriptions unless they are part of a follow-up care plan from a previous visit.

Our ongoing commitment involves continuous efforts to enhance the quality of care we provide. Your children well-being remains our top priority, guiding us in all our endeavors.

The annual fee is due Oct 1st and renews every year. There are two payment options:

1- You can choose to make a full payment.

One child: $110
Two children: $210
Three children or more: $240

2- Alternatively, we also provide a payment installment plan, allowing you to pay in equal installments monthly or quarterly.

One child: $120
Two children: $225
Three children or more: $265

Benefits of Joining Kids Kare Pediatrics

Dr. Hulali is a board-certified pediatrician, who is always on site, directly supervising the care of all patients. We also have two highly skilled nurse practitioners. We follow the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommended guidelines, we turn every stone when investigating your child’s medical problems and we don’t take shortcuts. We are proactive in preventing and solving medical problems that may arise during childhood.

You have access to after-hours calls for urgent questions and concerns (between 5pm-12am on weekdays and 8 am to 12am on weekends and holidays). This will give you access to our providers after hours giving you the confidence that your child will be taken care of properly instead of reaching out to providers that do not know your child’s unique medical needs. This will also limit the need for urgent care or ER visits. If deemed necessary, a virtual visit can be offered (exchange or visual material or video)) and Rx will be prescribed (a copay or after-hours Rx fee of $30 dollars might apply).

We offer Same Day Sick appointments (in rare instances, next day will be offered in the case a provider is out of the office) and minimal waiting room time. We value our patients’ time, and we work hard to ensure waiting time is kept to a minimal. We have always strived to accommodate every sick child the same day, even during busy seasons. We have managed to do that by limiting our patient population and by working longer hours when needed to ensure every sick child is taken care of in a timely manner.

We offer Appointments on Saturdays for urgent sick visits, which saves the families Urgent Care / ER visits. (After hours clinic fee of $30 will apply):

We offer virtual visits for complaints that allow us to diagnose and consult over the phone or via text so you might not have to come in. (A copay or coinsurance might apply).

Phones answered promptly and professionally by highly trained staff. You will access to professionally trained RNs to answer your common mothers’ questions or concerns, so you don’t have to come in when appropriate.

Comprehensive and Coordinated Care: We will actively serve as your advocate with other medical specialists and healthcare providers. This will include Prior Authorizations for prescriptions and referrals.

Access to our web-based secure patient portal system, including access to your child’s immunization record and summaries of their visits upon your request. This is also an efficient way to communicate with your doctor when you have non-emergent concerns or with the nursing staff for lab results and other medical information.

Prescription refill requests can be done online and processed within the same working day. (No extra fees for controlled medications)

All forms for childcare centers, schools, sports, and camps are completed within 24 hours with an option to be uploaded to our portal for easy and convenient access when you need them. School/ work excuses can also be shared with you on the portal when you need them, so you don’t have to come in when you need another excuse.

You will have access to developmental screening tools to be filled out at the comfort of your home at your own pace before your child’s Well Checkup visit.

We offer all In-house common testing and maintain Moderate complexity CLIA certificate so we can offer basic in-house blood work up, which becomes very helpful when evaluating little ones with acute febrile illnesses and screening for anemia.

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